Thursday, November 15, 2012

3:6:9 Assignment

This is a small assignment we were asked to do to give us practise on using different shots in a film and creating the different shots. Ths subject I chose was a sculpture student, and I wanted to really focus in on the clay sculpture she was making rather than her. I created a beginning, middle and end by showing the evolution of the sculpture coming to be. You will also notice as she starts to put more detail into the clay I have zoomed in closer. I am really happy with how this video turned out even though it is only a mini assignment but I am pleased with the shots I was able to create. For example the last extreme close up of her fingers; I put her fingers and the tool into focus but put everything else in the shot out of focus to put more focus on her fingers abd to create a sense of depth.

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Daily Create: Something that makes you anger

This week for the daily create I decided to photograph something that makes me anger. This right here makes me so mad and I think it makes me so mad because it happens on a regular bases. My brother is very unorganized and not neat which is the complete opposite of myself. This is a photograph of a empty toliet paper roll which on many occasions seems to happen to me. The solution to fixing this problem is very simple yet very challenging for my brother to remember. Which is why I think it makes me so angry. 
One thing I like about my compostion is how I made the roll look in focus and detailed while the handle holding the roll is out of focus. Lately I have been trying to create this effect in my photos because I really like how it creates depth and keeps the photo from looking flat and 2D.

Daily Create: An object with a unique texture or pattern

This is one of my favourite daily creates at the moment because I love how I created a contrast between the white and black. Now you are probraly wondering what is this a picture of, well I want you to think about it and I will tell you at the end. The one aspect I really like about this photo is at the top, you can see small lines of white almost coming out of the black. It creates a depth to the picture and gives you a unique perspective on the texture.
Now that you have thought about what this texture could be I want you to guess. This is a extreme close up of the fur on my cat. Amazing right? I was actually going around looking for a another idea and my cat jumped in front of me and layed on his back. Then it came to me, I focused on the fur and here it is.

Thursday, November 1, 2012

Daily Create: Grid Pattern

Today we went ot the applied arts expo at the Wych woods  Barn near Christie pits. We were looking at different graphic art peices and college and university booths. But the one thing that caught my eye the most was the archetecture of the building. The lower part of the wall was made out of old worn out bricks. These bricks really added to the feel of the building and for one of our daily creates we had to look for a grid pattern and take a interesting slice of it. I zoomed in close enough that you only see parts of a few bricks and that you could see the very details within the cracks between the bricks. I really like the compostion I chose because I toke multipe shots before I got this one and using the rule of thirds I have created a visually pleasing compostion. Where the cement connects the bricks, the line guides you through the picture. My favourite part of the photograph is that I did not edit anything, this is the very photo I shot. I was able to capture the details etched in the bricks and the shadows where the brick sticks out just a little and hangs over.

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Video Project: Sharpie art

We are creating a video with a concept that will  be paired with the piece Palladio. We are in the brainstorming stage and just trying out different ideas. For this one we used a sharpie pen and 4 people. We started at the 4 corners and slowly made our way towards the middle,  then when they met in the middle they would bounce back in a different direction. We took shots every 4-5 lines and created this stop motion.We used imovie to create it and put the film in reverse.
 For the first one I like the speed we put it at, it made less of a pause, I didn't feel like I was waiting for the next part of the drawing to be shown. The second video has more pauses in between each jump and I feel it doesn't work for the video because of the pace. If we were going to use this in our film I would definitely say it should be scattered in sections and fluctuating speeds throughout the video with the theme we choose. We have been thinking about evolution and change as our concept for the video. The way the drawing grows toward the middle would show change and how we are changing as a society. We were also thinking of how the advances of technology are damaging our planet. 

Thursday, October 11, 2012

Movie Trailer Parody

Original Trailer:


New Trailer:

Walt Disney s Tangled is a sweet action comedy about the innocent girl Rapunzel who has lived in a tower whole life because she has magical hair that keeps her youthful. Flynn is a wanted thief who happens to find to come across her tower and they make a deal. Flynn will take to see the floating lights she see's each year on her birthday. They face challenges but the movie ends with a happy ending. My remake of this movie makes Rapunzel the evil character who is trying to take Flynn captive after he releases her from the tower. Overall I change the sweet, adventures and comedic theme into a race against time, action where Flynn is trying to escape this evil character. The theme because more of a dark thriller.

To begin I thought about different clips I could use to make Rapunzel look like the villain. I started the trailer off with Flynn coming into the tower, which in the film is not as serious but in my trailer I added the thriller music from Halloween to make the entrance more dramatic and create the dark feeling when you meet Rapunzel for the first time. I eventually put more of a action soundtrack mixture that was supposed to make the next clips more about Flynn fighting for his life.

Some clips I used to create the dark and sinister feel of Rapunzel were when she pulled Flynn of the cliff, when she is walking out of the shadows, wrapping Flynn in the chair and throwing Flynn out the window. I was able to make her intentions in the scene more about trying to put Flynn into harmful situations verses her trying to save him from the situations. I also was able to make the horse  which is also trying to harm Flynn in the original movie part of Rapunzel's evil team. 

I didn't put any talking in the trailer because I didn't feel I could successfully help it reenforce the new theme. But I did change lighting in a few scenes which I thought effectively helped change the theme. But I also found it challenging to use a lot of the scenes fro m the original trailer because they are so bright and lively and I wanted to make the new seem dark. You will notice I used a lot of quick little scenes because I felt this was more effective and gave the feel of a what a actual trailer actually looks like. 

Overall I feel I effectively changed the mood in my trailer from a sweet action, comedy to a dark serious action. I also feel I used the music, and visuals effectively to help dramatically change the theme.